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There’s a Moose in the Guard Shack! Effective Leadership Techniques No Technology Can Replace

Hatfield’s leadership book is anything but scholarly written and organized in strict academician’s style. It is, as its main draw, a down-to-earth, practical advice to leaders and managers on how to move things from A to B using a commonsensical approach with a dash of wit.

There’s a Moose in the Guard Shack compiles time-tested, reality-based leadership techniques culled from the author’s anecdotal experiences that spanned his career in leadership posts from over forty years in the military and private sectors. The book is a good and witty read for project managers, company executives, practically anyone who has had to lead a team to move and achieve a common goal.

John Howard Hatfield’s long work in the materials management and manufacturing profession provides the wellspring for his nuggets of wisdom on how leadership is nurtured, handled, and used to move things from A to B in whatever situation, wherever, and whenever. He has had sixty military postings, had worked in twenty-two states and been in all fifty states with enough different hats to wear every day for a year.

Each real-life anecdote is followed by “lessons learned,” grassroots, commonsensical advice shared by the author on directing, managing, supervising people and organizations. His approach provides a refreshing air to the typical structured analysis employed by human behavioral scientists and scholars about the art of leadership. His advice works because they are based on real scenarios—his—and not on theories or volumes of literature, which the author finds contrived, and written by academicians in the comfort of their university desks.

There’s a Moose in the Guard Shack is rich in practical insights that leaders in any position can apply to solve problems. In particular, the author offers a good grasp of the thought processes that land people in tight spots and how to backtrack and find the root of the problem. The problems presented in the book are not war stories or world-shaking issues; rather, everyday activities that people do that bog down leaders and managers in delivering results. Here are a few of his in-your-face leadership tips:

  • When leaders don’t set priorities, followers do
  • Bad news only gets worse with age
  • You can’t overwork me, but you can hinder the quality of my product
  • Amateurs teach amateurs to be amateurs

Hatfield has a Masters from Central Michigan, a MS from the U.S. Army C&GS College, and a BBA from Texas A&M.


Title: There’s a Moose in the Guard Shack!           Author: John Howard Hatfield

Genre: Business & Economics / Leadership

ISBN: 978-1-4958-0825-8

5.50×8.50 Perfect Bound, Standard Color, standard 70 white

Pages: 280

Publisher:  Infinity Publishing

QUOTATION FROM THE AUTHOR/BOOK: “As a manager, I always had one objective: to go to work each day with the opportunity to perform in an environment where truth is king and where that king furnishes me with a fun place to work—if you aren’t having fun, find something else to do and find it quick.”